Product Review: Rogers Smart Drive App

By Garth W Cane

The Rogers Smart Drive app operates on the LTE network powered by Inc with information about your driving activity privately stored on the Cloud. It can be used to collect information on several vehicles.

Since I drive a motorhome at times, and a Jeep or a test vehicle the rest of the time, the support for several vehicles is extremely convenient.   The device plugs into the OBD-II port under the dash of the vehicle, and the app collects real-time information while also showing you previously collected information from the other vehicle.

You need to check your vehicles compatibility then download the app to your Smart Phone from the Apple App Store. Sign up for an account with your carrier so that the information will be sent only to you. Install a SIM card into the device follow the directions on screen then plug it into your OBD-II port. Next you need to take a short drive for it to be recognized by the cellular connection and GPS lock.

As soon as it fires up, it starts to follow your vehicle showing an accurate location of the car on your cell phone. When a drive is competed, you are presented with a list of information showing the distance traveled, the average and maximum speed, the fuel economy, the number of times that your vehicle accelerated quickly, and the number of times that it braked too harshly.

It is able to read the battery voltage and any issues with the car, such as engine fault codes. The dreaded check engine light normally tells us that the vehicle has a problem and you need to visit your dealer right away.  Many times when the light comes on it is for a fairly simple problem and we don’t immediately have to go to the side of the road. Instead of a number code showing on your telephone, this unit will actually interpret the reading for you (P0456 -Evaporative Emission System Leak Detected.)

After being in a Mall for an hour or so, I have difficulty remembering where I parked in the large parking lot. One feature that I thought was interesting was the ability to track the position of the car when I was not driving. Suppose someone stole your vehicle, you could talk to the police and tell them exactly where your car was in an instant. My sons sometimes use the car, and I can call them to let them know that the fuel is running low (they seldom look at the fuel gauge as it is not their car).

This device keeps track of each trip, the start and stop times and the total distance travelled. This is great for those of us who have to make claims for travel expenses. I often drive in the USA, and the Smart Drive app converts American distances and fuel economy automatically for me. I drive a large motorhome many times during the year for evaluations, and this allows me to have fuel economy figures for comparison. When you are travelling with your family, the Smart Drive lets you turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect up to 5 Wi-Fi-capable devices.

At this time, the service is supplied by Rogers, Telus, and will be offered by Bell in the future. The Rogers Smart Drive hardware is a one time cost of $99 on a two year plan plus $15/ month addition on your Share Everything Plan.

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