Hughes Autoformers Voltage Booster – the original and still the best. 

A Special Tech Feature from our friends at Hughes Autoformers

RV’ers can potentially face many uncertainties when RV’ing, from bad weather, to ants and mosquitoes, noisy neighbours, and so on. Plus,  when you plug your RV into the campsite power supply, you are flying blind as to what voltage you are getting, whether the pedestal is wired correctly or not, and if you have a good ground.

There are many potential power issues that you can face as an RV’er. Even though most people think of surges and spikes and mis-wired pedestals, the most common problem that any RV’er will face is actually low voltage.

Hughes Autoformers RV220-50-SP
Hughes RV220-50-SP

This is because you are often on the same circuit as several other RVs. As they use power, or you use power, voltage will drop. If you are at the end of a service run and have hundreds of feet between your RV and where the power comes in, you will have voltage drop. Even if the park is delivering 120V AC, which is ideal, to the first RV – if you are RV 18 down the line, you will have lower voltage.

Voltage is the pressure for the machines and appliances in your RV to do work. If they do not have the right voltage, damage can result. The Hughes Autoformer Voltage Booster is the original RV voltage booster. Robert Hughes, the founder of the company, received the patent in 2000. It has been copied but it is still the only tried and true voltage booster for RVs.

The autoformers have a step up transformer inside (2 for 50A). This will give you a 2% voltage boost all the time, and if and when your voltage hits 113V AC or lower, then you get a 10% boost.

As an added benefit, all of the Hughes Autoformer voltage boosters have built in surge protection that is replaceable, as well as a circuit analyzer.

Watch the video to see how the Hughes Autoformer products keep your RV protected…

Keep your rig protected, your voltage where it should be and be aware of line conditions all with one unit. When you need proper power, sometimes it makes a Hughes difference!

Watch this video to see the full range of Hughes Autoformer products.

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