Hello Garth, I have enjoyed reading RV Lifestyle Magazine for many years and through your columns I have learned a lot about RVing and what to be aware of and I find it very informative.

I have an issue with my 2007 Keystone Laredo fifth wheel trailer; many other makes may have a similar design. My problem is the pull cords on the “Day Night Shades” seem to fray and eventually break. I’m from Guelph, ON, and I would be very happy if you could point out a nearby location to have the cords re-strung. I have checked the internet but to no avail. A reply would be greatly appreciated. Keep up your great columns.

Gerry Grasley
Guelph ON.


Here are some web addresses for information on day-night shade repairs:


Here are some instructions for do-it-yourselfers. You will need the following tools: Screwdriver, 2 pieces of cord – 10 yards each, large-headed needles, masking tape, and scissors.

  • Remove the screws from each end of the blind. Use caution so you don’t break the clip in the middle of the blind.
  • Remove the blind from the top of the window. Remove the spools from the cord. Lay the shade down.
  • Remove the end caps and slide the metal bar off the blind. Separate the day from the night shade and remove the end caps.
  • Slide the metal bar and pull the cord from the day shade. Remove the end caps and the slide from the bar of the night shade. Pull the remainder of the cord from the shade.
  • Cut the cord from the spring at the top of the shade.
  • Fold 10 yards of cording in half and loop it around the spring. Tape the spring to the center of the shade. Lay the cord down the center.
  • Slide the metal rod back onto the shade. Use caution so you don’t catch the cord. Take the ends of the cord through the eye of a needle and run them through all the holes in the day shade.
  • Cross the cord and attach the day shade to the night shade. After crossing the cords go through some of the holes in the night shade. Slide the bar back in and attach the end caps.
  • Pull the cord tight so the night shade is closed. At the bottom of the day shade, cross the cords again. Slide the bar back on and replace the end caps.
  • Run the cord through the holes in the end caps. Pull cords tight so shade is closed. There will be extra cord. Hold the shade part-way open.
  • Put the shade back on window. Attach to the clip and replace the screws. Put the shade in the ‘up’ position.
  • Measure the cord going down the sides of the window. Be sure there is enough cord to wrap the spool at least three times. Cut off extra cord. Reattach the spools to the cord. Screw in the spools.

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