We just returned from our long-term stay in Florida and were happy to find RV Lifestyle magazine. We noted that Andy Thomson’s article (Hitch Hints Vol. 42 No. 1) gave a hint on using the numerals of your postal code and 99 to pay at the pump at Flying J gas stations. We can say that we have had four years of success using a similar technique. However, we use 00 at the end instead of 99.

We use our normal bank credit card at all gas stations and when asked at certain retailers there were no declines to report. As a footnote, we had advised our friends of this technique and provided them with our postal code and new “zip code” as an example. They have actually used our “zip code” and the card was declined. As it turns out, the credit card system is smart enough to know the postal code of the billing address. Once they actually used their own postal code numbers there was no problem.

Cyndy Byles
Orillia, ON

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