With the decline of analog TV and the change to digital signals, what equipment will be required to capture the digital signal? We have an HD-ready TV and new antenna. We have asked some RV dealers in our area as well as local electronics retailers but they do not seem to know the answer. We have had the most difficulty obtaining a signal when at Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. The reception was sub-par before and now it’s nonexistent. We understand heavily-treed areas pose a difficulty for antennas. Do we need to obtain a satellite dish?

Ben & Alice Marchuk
Red Deer, AB

Here are a few websites on digital TV that could provide some information:


In general, DTV provides a clear, sharp picture or nothing at all. An amplified UHF antenna works best and must be pointed at the tower as accurately as possible. You need to do a channel scan each time you start the TV in a new area and sometimes it is necessary to do it several times until you get your antenna pointed properly. King Controls makes an indicator that shows when you are getting the strongest signal as you turn your antenna, and this cuts down on the number of times that you need to do a channel scan. Receptions of DTV can be limited in some mountainous areas. We use a satellite dish on our own motorhome and it provides great pictures but can be blocked by anything that blocks a clear signal path to the southwest sky, such as trees.

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