Let’s Help Send Children Battling Cancer to Camp…

Someday, cancer will be nothing more than a memory. Until that day, Care Camps brings hope, healing and fun to kids with cancer and their families.

Care Camps sends children affected by cancer to medically supervised camps where they have a wonderful time in the great outdoors with other kids who understand what they’re going through. They do it all while receiving the treatments they need – free of charge to their families.

Through its charitable fundraising efforts, Care Camps will provide necessary support to send kids with cancer to medically supervised cancer camps where they can have fun, build awesome friendships, feel the joy that comes from camping and spending time in nature, make memories that will help them heal and ultimately return home feeling renewed and filled with hope.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 is known throughout North America as “Giving Tuesday” – a day after America celebrates Thanksgiving, all of North America shares our good fortunate to help the charities of our choice.

For the members of the RV industry, and RV enthusiasts throughout North America, the charity of choice is Care Camps – a noble cause devoted to bringing a ray of sunshine into the lives of children with cancer.

Please help Care Camps achieve their 2022 goal of raising $30,000 on Giving Tuesday – which will send 15 children facing cancer to camp, at no cost to their families.

The first $15,00 raised will unlock a matching gift, which will help Care Camps achieve, and with a bit of luck and the generosity of RV’ers everywhere, exceed the goal for this year’s Giving Tuesday campaign.

Please take a moment to watch this video:

Join us as we share our good fortune with the children…

Follow this link to donate to Care Camps Canada:


Follow this link to donate to Care Camps in the United States:


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family…

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