RV The Movie Review

By Norm Rosen
RV Movie

Imagine the adventures when Robin Williams slides behind the wheel of a rented class A motorhome – it’s like a movie version of our RV Lifestyle Magazine Road Test Team… only funnier – MUCH funnier. In fact, you’ll laugh so hard that you’ll have to see the movie twice to catch all of the humour.

Without giving away the plot, just remember what happened when you took your first RV trip… from the momentous task of persuading the kids that an RV trip is a great way to see the country, to figuring out how to hook up your unit, and dealing with over-friendly campground neighbours, RV takes you on a voyage that will keep you laughing for hours after the movie is over.

Starring Robin Williams as Bob Munro, Jeff Daniels (from Dumb and Dumber), Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and Kristn Chenoweth (The Pink Panther), the supporting cast far exceed their previous performances – no doubt as a result of being exposed to the comic genius of Robin Williams.

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who brought us “Men In Black TM”, written by Geoff Radkey whose “Daddy Day Care” remains a classic, and produced by Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick of “Stuart Little” fame, RV the movie will be appreciated by all audiences, but it will be an instant hit with RV enthusiasts throughout North America.

This is the quintessential RV experience. So close to reality that you’ll laugh ‘til it hurts.

For a taste of the movie, search YouTube for “RV The Movie” – but be forewarned – the trailers that are posted on YouTube don’t even begin to do the movie justice… there are so many clever scenes in the movie that you have to see the whole production – and you have to be an RV’er to appreciate the full range of comic genius in RV the movie.

There are several options to rent the movie to view on your computer or your TV, or you can search for a copy of the VHS tape or DVD. A quick Google search will produce a good selection of sources… you may even find the VHS or DVD at your local library – and most campgrounds keep a copy to show to their guests on movie night.

The Columbia Pictures feature film RV was released in Canada by Sony Pictures Releasing Canada. Opening day was April 28, 2006. Our staff of expert RV writers and road testers were invited to the premiere showing at Empress Walk in Toronto, where we filled two rows in the theatre… as the movie rolled, and Robin Williams experienced every RV calamity known to mankind, we rolled on the floor laughing while most of the guests in the theatre sat wondering what was so funny – you really have to be an RV’er to appreciate this movie… we are, and we continue to crack up every time we roll the VHS tape – if you have ever taken an RV trip, you MUST watch this movie!

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