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6 New “must have” RV Products

Stromberg Carlson Gen Secure locking generator storage box.
Stromberg Carlson Gen Secure

Stromberg Carlson Gen Secure Locking Storage Box

Your ultimate generator box for security and gas safety! Gen Secure features a robust lock and key system to make theft challenging for burglars, providing additional protection for your belongings. Our generator box is designed with vents to safely exhaust residual propane and gas fumes while parked or in transit, with the lid secured by a lock knob to ensure proper airflow during generator operation. Rubber access ports allow convenient cord and plug access, as well as the option to vent exhaust fumes safely via a tube. We’ve also incorporated tie-down rings for secure storage with our provided tie-down straps. Choose Gen Secure for peace of mind, knowing your items are protected, and gas-related operations are conducted safely.

Watch the video: https://www.strombergcarlson.com/product/gen-secure/


For more information, please visit: https://www.strombergcarlson.com/product/gen-secure/


Hopkins Break Away Cable and Pin
Hopkins Break Away Cable and Pin

Hopkins Breakaway Cable and Pin

This cable and pin makes sure that the trailer brakes are activated in the case of the trailer and the vehicle becoming separated.

When your break away cable wears out, it’s a simple replacement – the Hopkins Break Away Cable and pin is available through your local RV dealer – there are several styles to choose from, and you may want to replace the break away switch while you are at it.

The product shown here is the Hopkins Durable Pin and Vehicle Hook-Up Cable. This item features a 48 inch long cable and varies a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase.

For more information, please visit your local RV dealer, or surf to:



Brandmotion Wireless Transparent Trailer camera system.
Brandmotion Wireless Transparent Trailer camera system.

Brandmotion Backup Camera

Brandmotion’s innovative Transparent Trailer® Camera System eliminates blind spots for everyday driving, hauling freight, or pulling a trailer. With a high-definition digital mirror replacing your traditional rearview mirror, a truck-specific third brakelight camera, and wireless trailer camera, this unique system provides multiple clear images to make towing effortless and reduce the risk of collisions.

Watch the video here: https://brandmotion.com/ (scroll down to see the video window)

For more information, please visit your local RV dealer, or surf to this website:


Trimax SXTM32 Trailer Coupler Lock Set
Trimax SXTM32 Trailer Coupler Lock Set

Trimax SXTM32 Stainless Steel Trailer Coupler Lock Set

The Trimax SXT3 (Stainless Steel Receiver Lock, 5/8″ x 2-3/4″ Span) & SXTC2 ( Stainless Steel Coupler Lock, 2 1/2″ Span) provide security for a wide variety of trailer applications. This keyed alike stainless steel receiver and coupler lock set is available through your local RV dealer – it’s one of a wide range of trailer lock products.

For more information, please visit: https://trimaxlocks.com/product-category/coupler-locks/

BMPro Hub Smart RV system
BMPro Hub Smart RV system

BMPro ProSmart Monitoring System

ProSmart Premium – For Serious Adventurers

ProSmart Premium is a Bluetooth monitoring system to easily track multiple sensors and parameters on your adventure, giving you a wealth of information for comfort and safe travels.

Monitor water levels in your fresh or grey water tanks, gas levels in your BBQ / propane bottles, tire pressure (TPMS), temperatures in the fridge, freezer or inside your vehicle, as well as your 12V battery charge, all from an easy-to-use app on your smartphone.

ProSmart Premium includes a SmartLink, a powered node that you can easily install and pair to your phone. It allows you to monitor both your wired and Bluetooth sensors – so you can enjoy off-grid travels independent from the presence of an internet connection.

For more information, please visit your local RV dealer, or surf to: https://teambmpro.com/products/prosmart-premium-bluetooth-monitoring-system/


Garmin RV GPS with BIRDSEYE feature
Garmin RV GPS with BIRDSEYE feature

Garmin RV GPS System

The Garmin RV 795 features a large display, custom routing for the size and weight of your rig, plus vivid aerial views to help you with a smooth arrival at your RV park or campground.

The 7” touchscreen shows your route and includes detailed map updates of North America, so you can travel confidently along a custom route that’s based on the size and weight of your rig. The RV maps provide a unique advantage over in-dash automotive GPS systems that are intended for general purpose cars and trucks – NOT RVs, which have special considerations as far as height, length, and LP gas systems are concerned.

With the Garmin RV GPS units, you know what’s ahead with road warnings for steep grades, sharp curves and more, and “docking” at your campsite has never been easier, thanks to BirdsEye Direct Satellite Imagery.

Watch the video here:


The Garmin RV GPS lets you discover the best spots along your route, and learn of recommended activities near your destination, so you can plan your stops with a preloaded directory of campgrounds, RV parks and services plus Tripadvisor® traveller ratings.

Available through your local RV dealer. For more information on this and other Garmin GPS models, please visit: https://www.garmin.com/en-CA/c/automotive/rv-camper-motorhome-gps/

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