The RV Lifestyle Magazine DIGITAL editions encompass an archive of recent issues and offer the convenience of easy access to all of the websites and email contacts shown in the magazines.

Just click on the “MAGAZINES” tab in the black menu bar, then scroll down to select an issue. Put your mouse on the cover of the issue of your choice, and click where it says “View Magazine”. The first time you visit the digital magazine archive you will be prompted for a password – type RVLFREE2017 to open the issue… this password will be stored on the website for your convenience.

Here is a screenshot of the 2020 Campground Directory issue, to show you the various features of the digital edition:


If you would like to share a specific page with a friend, go to that page in the issue, click on the “SHARE” icon, and when the box opens look for the drop-down menu that says “Default Start Page” – click on this and select “Start on current page” – you will see the text in the box just to the right of this change to something that looks like Copy this text and paste it into your email or social media message to your friend.

Searching within the digital edition…

When you type something in the “SEARCH” box, to find a specific campground, or a location, this is what your screen will look like – for example, we typed “Winnipeg Beach”, and hit ENTER:

You can zoom in to read the text more easily, and you can click on any of the URLs to go to the campground website. If there is an email address, you can click on it to open your email program with a pre-addressed message.

The gray section at the left of the screen shows other search results that are related to your request. Just click on any of the listings to go to the specific page.

The search function works in a similar manner for all of the columns and articles in the issue – for example, you may search for “Andy Thomson” to read the Hitch Hints column in the issue.

Save a copy for your personal use…

If you click on the little arrow icon marked PDF download, you can save a copy of the directory on your computer. We give you permission to download this file for your personal use – any other reproduction of the data is covered by copyright.

Enjoy the issues!

Norm Rosen,

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