On the Level – Gauges are Important!

Special to RV Lifestyle Magazine from Kim Fraser, Regional Distribution Manager for both RV and Marine Products at Garnet Instruments.

The RV industry currently relies upon an antiquated fluid measurement system for holding tanks.  The traditional three sensors on most tanks, report fluid levels as full, 2/3 full, 1/3 full or empty. Between these sensors, fluid cannot be accurately gauged. This becomes a significant issue as you get false readings, leading to both frustration and costly replacements. 

Thankfully, Garnet has developed the SeeLeveL II tank monitoring system. Working with external senders and a display, and installation is easy.  The digital display can be installed in the cabin or the service bay.  The level is shown on a three-digit LED display and is accurate to three-eighths of an inch using a percentage full read out. 

The senders adhere externally to your fresh, grey, black or galley tanks, and can be cut to fit different tank sizes. This external sender means you have greatly reduced the ability for the tank to foul.  The senders detect the dialectic differences between air and fluid to determine the water level in the holding tank.  Operating on a common bus, cutting the grey tab on the sender attached to the grey tank, the black tab attached to the black tank, and no tabs on the fresh water tank programs the senders to relay the correct fluid level information of each tank. Two senders can be stacked for tanks as tall as 36 inches. A junior sender has a greater resolution of one quarter inch for tank heights five – seven inches high.

Two wires are all it takes to connect each sender on most trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes. With the press of a button, fluid information can then be viewed for the fresh, grey, and black water tanks; as well as LP Gas and Battery, all from a single display.

Troubleshooting is easy as the display’s built-in diagnostics identify problems as they occur. The owner’s manual is easy to follow and based on Garnet’s 0.04% warranty issues over 20 years of selling the product, you can bet that issues will be few and far between. 

Garnet has a wide assortment of RV tank monitors designed for accurate level measurement and can monitor, depending upon the model, your fresh, grey, black, galley tanks, battery voltage as well as your existing LPG.  A more recent model is the 709-BTP3, a Bluetooth enabled monitor that syncs with your mobile device to provide you with up-to-date information on all of your tank levels.  The SeeLeveL monitors are affordable and carry a great warranty.  For more information, go to  www.rvgauges.com.  

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