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SANTA BARBARA, CA – May 16, 2024 – As the Cybertruck-inspired frenzy continues, Living Vehicle®, a California-based luxury RV specialist, proudly unveils the CyberTrailer™.1 This trailblazing creation stands apart from traditional RVs, embodying the spirit of complete independence from constraining utility connections.

Living Vehicle Cyber Trailer - front view, towed by a Tesla Cyber Truck
Living Vehicle Cyber Trailer – front view, towed by a Tesla Cyber Truck

Innovation Unleashed: The CyberTrailer Experience

Echoing the distinctive, angular design of the Tesla truck, the CyberTrailer is crafted for adventurers who desire freedom from the constraints of conventional camping setups. Designed by Living Vehicle, this luxury camper is a testament to sustainability and self-sufficiency in their classic luxury unplugged lifestyle.

The Charging Station that Travels with You

The CyberTrailer is not just a luxury camper; it is a mobile charging station. This innovative feature allows the trailer to provide independent power for all its needs while also charging the tow vehicle when off-grid. Utilizing redundant power sources, including advanced solar panels and backup power generation systems, the CyberTrailer ensures a continuous and reliable power supply. This capability transforms off-grid adventures by offering complete energy independence and enhanced functionality, making it possible to venture further extending power and travel without charging stations.

Ultimate Off-Grid Independence

Setting the CyberTrailer apart from other RVs is its complete autonomy from utility connections. Operating entirely on solar power, this mobile haven is engineered to thrive away from overcrowded RV parks, campgrounds, and remote areas devoid of charging stations. Its state-of-the-art solar panels not only power the trailer but also support all onboard electrical systems, making it a true off-grid vessel.  Capable of lasting weeks, even months off-grid, the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer is in a class of its own differentiating itself from anything else on the market.

Living Vehicle Cyber Trailer - rear view towed by a Tesla Cyber Truck
Living Vehicle Cyber Trailer – rear view towed by a Tesla Cyber Truck

Water Independence

The CyberTrailer is equipped with a proprietary water generation system that extracts moisture from the air, like technologies found in Living Vehicle’s renowned travel trailer models. This system, combined with advanced water and waste recycling processes, enables occupants to sustain themselves without any water hookups. These features collectively forge a path towards a future where travel is not just about moving between places but truly experiencing them without leaving a trace.

Versatile Towing and Enhanced Functionality

While ideally paired with electric vehicles like the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Rivian R1T, the CyberTrailer is also compatible with conventional half-ton gas and diesel vehicles.  High-power alternators installed in motor-based tow vehicles may provide a backup power source to the electrified trailer.  This versatility ensures that the spirit of adventure is accessible to all, regardless of their vehicle’s fuel type.

Exciting Design Developments on the Horizon

As Living Vehicle continues toward production, more detailed specifications will be released, along with additional imagery of both the exterior and interior of the CyberTrailer. These updates will provide deeper insights into its capabilities and features.

Reserve Your Independence

Starting at $175,000 ($US) with deliveries commencing in 2025, the CyberTrailer offers a luxurious, independent mobile living solution. With 80% of the reservations already sold out, interested buyers are encouraged to secure their spot quickly. Secure your spot in this off-grid all-electric revolution with a fully refundable $100 deposit.

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About Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle, headquartered in California, specializes in luxury RVs engineered for adventurers seeking to redefine their outdoor experiences. Focused on innovation, sustainability, and luxury, Living Vehicle provides premium mobile living spaces that empower owners to explore the world on their own terms.

1 Cybertruck® is a registered trademark of Tesla, Inc and is not affiliated with Living Vehicle® or the CyberTrailer in any way.  Tesla, Inc. is not associated with nor a sponsor of Living Vehicle’ or the CyberTrailer.

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