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As we enter a holiday travel season predicted to hit pre-COVID levels, we are delighted to share a new survey from Harvest Hosts, a membership program giving RV’ers access to unique camping options. The survey provides many interesting insights on what the tourism industry can expect this winter.

Your “executive summary”: Among the array of survey results, RVing is emerging as being more popular than ever, with 63% of travellers planning RV trips later into the season and 26% keeping their RVs out year-round – despite rising gas prices. Even as air travel regains its footing, 40% of travellers are considering planning backup road trips – just in case the pandemic takes a turn for the worse…

Holiday Travel: Harvest Hosts Survey Shows RVing is More Popular Than Ever as RV’ers Extend the Season and Upgrade Rigs Despite Rising Gas Prices

  • 63% of travellers are planning RV trips later into the season, with 26% keeping their RVs out year-round
  • RVing proved a safe travel bet, as 63% of RVers did not have to cancel trips the last six months
  • Air travel is regaining its footing, but 40% of travellers are considering backup road trip arrangements
  • As gas prices rise, RVers are adding fuel gift cards to their holiday wish lists this season

Vail, CO – November 11, 2021Harvest Hosts, a membership program giving RV’ers access to unique camping options, today revealed its latest survey showing that RV’ers are travelling later into the season, despite being more comfortable with the idea of flying in comparison with their feelings during the summer of 2021. However, travellers are remaining cautious and considering “trip stacking” with road travel as an optimal backup for any plans involving flights, especially holiday-related travel. Overall, the findings show strong interest in road travel throughout the balance of 2021 and continued growth looking ahead to 2022. RV’ers are making investments in their rigs and building their holiday wish lists to elevate their next road trip.

Joel Holland, Harvest Hosts

“RVing has taken off, experiencing record interest over the last two years. The allure of the open road has struck a chord with American travelers, and enthusiasm for RVing is continuing to grow year over year,” says Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts. “Despite the rising gas prices, people are increasing the number of road trips they’re taking each year, and more RVers than ever are now planning to keep their RVs out later into the season or even year-round.”

Extending the RVing Season – It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

In the last year, RV’ers discovered that the RV season does not need to be limited to just a few warm months. Many families took more trips in the last year, and rather than storing their RV when cold weather hits, they’re prolonging the season or even keeping their RV on the road all year long.

  • 40% of respondents took more than five road trips in an RV during 2021. RVing is typically a more spontaneous mode of travel, but as road travel grows in popularity and campground spaces become more competitive, 23% of RV’ers are opting to plan out their trips 1-3 months in advance.
  • The campground shortage this past summer impacted 41% of respondents. However, 48% of Harvest Hosts members reported they were not impacted by the shortage – as Harvest Hosts provides additional options for RV’ers other than traditional campgrounds.
  • More than half of respondents (63%) are planning to travel in their RVs later into the season than usual. Around one-fourth (26%) are now looking to keep their RVs out year-round, enjoying the adventure of the RV life all year long.
  • Part of the allure of RVing and a strong incentive to keep it as a travel option year-round is the safety and convenience given the fluctuating travel restrictions and guidelines. While many travelers faced last-minute cancelations in the last year, nearly two-thirds of RVers (63%) did not need to cancel any of their road trips in the last six months.

RV’ers Wishing for Lower Gas Prices for the Holidays – Here’s a suggestion – Slip a Fuel Card Under the Tree

RV’ers are spending more time on the road than ever, and this holiday season, they’re not wishing for another new sweater. With gas prices soaring to a seven-year high on Tuesday (November 9, 2021), almost a quarter of respondents (24%) say that gas prices have impacted their travel plans in the last few months. Many are wishing for lower gas prices, or the next best thing – a gas gift card to help soften the blow.

In addition, road travellers are looking to modify their RVs and elevate their next road trip adventure. According to the road trip enthusiasts surveyed, here are the other top items RV’ers are wishing for this year:

  • BBQ / Blackstone Grill
  • Dash Cam
  • Fire Pit / Solo Stove
  • LevelMate
  • Solar Panels

Flying vs. Driving – Oh What Fun it is to Ride in an RV!

Travellers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of flying again, especially as COVID-19 vaccine distribution increases, and travel restrictions are easing globally. Many are still planning ahead and taking precautions, often making arrangements for a backup trip in the event their original plans fall through.

  • When asked about feeling safe flying, more than half of respondents (56%) said they now felt safe. In comparison, only 19% of respondents felt comfortable flying when asked about the topic in a summer travel survey.
  • Even as comfort in air travel returns, travellers remain cautious when making plans. For any trips that require flying, 40% of respondents admitted they are considering having a road trip planned as a backup.
  • Looking ahead to 2022, the majority of respondents (95%) will continue to travel via RV in the coming year and 40% plan to fly at some point. For those planning to RV, the current top travel destinations heading into the new year are focused on warm-weather climates. As RV’ers head south for the winter after a summer and fall of exploring the rest of the country, the top states they’re planning to visit heading in 2022 include:
    • Florida
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Texas
    • Oregon

Overall, the survey shows a resurgence in travel and continued desire to explore road travel options in the coming year. During the pandemic, people discovered a passion for road travel and all that the open road has to offer — seasoned RV’ers taking longer trips and planning much later into the traditional RV season. Now, even as air travel regains its footing, many travellers are still opting for road trips. The road ahead for RVing is looking bright.

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