It’s the newest campsite sensation!

A few weeks ago, the PR agency representing a new game called Pepper Pong contacted us to ask if we would like to try out this new sporting sensation.

Always interested in new ways to keep the youngsters (and the young at heart) entertained on a camping trip, we accepted the invitation, anticipating the thrill of acquiring new skills.

When the sample arrived, in a package about the size of a shoe box, it was like Christmas in the summer… we opened the carrying case to discover four paddles, three “peppers”, and a folding “net”.

Pepper Pong "mullets" - four paddles come with the game.
Pepper Pong “mullets” – four paddles come with the game.

The paddles, which are referred to as “mullets” are like a cross between ping pong and paddleball racquets, soft enough to prevent damage to people and the surrounding area, firm enough to impart significant power to the “peppers”. The “net” is an ingenious folding fence that can be placed on any reasonably flat surface. Extend the full width of the “net” if you have a suitable table or keep some of the “net” folded to suit smaller playing surfaces.

The “peppers” are colour coded to correspond to the intensity of your game. Use the “mild” pepper to play a relaxed game, switch to the “medium” pepper for more active play or go full strength with the “hot” pepper for a more challenging pace.

We enjoyed several sessions with Pepper Pong, playing for hours with friends and family ranging from youngsters to senior citizens. Everyone enjoyed the activity, and frankly, it was not easy to pry the game away from our test team – this is a super activity for camping or any opportunity to play in the house, on the deck, or anywhere you can find the time to challenge your opponent to a rousing round of energetic competition.

In many ways, Pepper Pong is an evolution of ping pong. It is easier to master the skill, and far less annoying in terms of the sounds of the game – the “peppers” and paddles produce a quiet and very satisfying “thunk” on impact with the surfaces, rather than the loud and sharp sound of ping pong. The game is easier to master than pickleball, far less strenuous, and requires very little space.

We played on a kitchen island, on a picnic table, and on the hood of an SUV… we could easily play on the dinette table in an RV, and we certainly plan to do this during our summer travels.

For lots of cool information on Pepper Pong, and to discover the story of how Tom Filippini (who founded Exclusive Resorts, an ultra-high-end vacation membership club), invented the game, and how he provides Pepper Pong to charitable institutions, please visit:

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