As the first wave of RV shows rolled across Canada, our RV Dealer News team were on the lookout for new and exciting models and towing combinations that will bring an exciting rush of enthusiasm to the Canadian RV market. Take a look at some of the newest examples of compact RV design and technology for the RV class of 2020.


A novel approach to lightweight towable campers, the Camp365, which is billed as “the world’s first fold-out cabin” was the highlight of RV shows across North America, drawing attention on local media and attracting large crowds at each event.

This unique approach to the active outdoor lifestyle is supported by an extensive array of really cool videos – check it out at

Intech RV Sol

The Intech RV Sol streamlined travel trailer was a hit at the Toronto RV Show, with its dashing lines and sleek construction.

The Sol Horizon model, shown here, features a unique “Tilt –Forward Design”, that utilizes the typically unused space over the trailer’s A-frame. The exterior profile delivers more space in the front and rear of the camper than any trailer in its class, and delivers 6’ 6” headroom at the peak.

Check it out at and watch the video!

The Tesla Experiment

Our RV Lifestyle Magazine Hitch Hints columnist, Andy Thomson, has been checking out the towing characteristics of a Tesla Model 3, now that the Supercharger technology is appearing at select charging locations across North America. Andy reports that the Tesla, with its low centre of gravity and an abundance of power, delivers an excellent tow vehicle performance – the issue is range.

Initial tests indicate that you will be able to travel at 55 MPH (90KMPH) for 2 hours, charge for one hour and then travel again. So, every three hours, you will be able to travel 100 miles (160 kms).

As a result of the charging requirements, towing with a Tesla will be a different travelling experience, but it could actually be quite relaxing, as well.

Andy suggests that if you are driving a Tesla solo, you may have to wait in the car or a coffee shop while it charges. But if you have a trailer, you can make dinner, have a nap or just relax. Andy speculates that you will be able to travel four or five hundred miles a day, with breaks every two or three hours for charging… testing continues, with technology making this a more viable concept as the models and charging networks develop.

Check out Andy’s special report at

Xtreme Outdoors

The Little Guy travel trailer line has been a favourite across North America for several years, and the company has been revitalized under the Xtreme Outdoors brand. The products for 2020 include Little Guy Trailers, Camp Rover, and the new to be released MyPod, all built by American workers in Somerset, Pennsylvania at a 100,000 sq. ft. facility. While the company may be young, the manufacturing team are experienced RV professionals, with about 80 people bringing 20 to 30 years of RV manufacturing experience to their tasks.

The Mini Max from Xtreme Outdoors was a showstopper for McKenzie RV at the ORVDA Toronto RV Show, with its popular teardrop styling, light weight, and reasonable retail price.

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Jayco Hummingbird – Baja Edition

While there isn’t a sandy beach in sight at this time of year, the Jayco Hummingbird Baja Edition brought a fresh new approach to the winter RV shows. With a low profile and compact length, this garageable unit is light enough to tow behind most 4-wheel drive SUVs – an ideal way to escape into the back country!

Check out the YouTube video featuring John Fisher, Jayco Hummingbird Senior Director of Product Development, at 

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