Get your tents and trailers ready! On the 26th of May, a total lunar eclipse will be visible to almost anyone in North America. The total lunar eclipse will be entirely blood red, as this eclipse is occurring during the moon’s closest approach to Earth. The lunar eclipse will be safe for viewing and is a great event to witness while camping with the family.

A lunar eclipse occurs when Earth casts a shadow on the moon when aligning with each other. The occurrence, which is very rare, is worth viewing when it begins. Those in the western side of North America will have a greater view of the eclipse, but those living in eastern North America will be able to view the eclipse as well.

The eclipse will occur on May 26th and be at its most total phase at 9:21 p.m. EDT. The eclipse will be perfect for any camper looking to relax under a beautiful sky, as the blood red moon will provide a beautiful and mesmerizing backdrop to any camp. For more information on the eclipse, visit the Canadian Space Agency at



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