As of May 1, 2020, the Canadian Recreation Vehicle Association has shared the following information from the various Provinces, outlining the current status of RV dealerships and campgrounds in each province.


British Columbia declared a State of Emergency on March 18th which still remains. Businesses not deemed to be essential in the Province of BC may stay open provided that they operate under the orders and recommendations of the BC health Officer.


Manufacturers have been able to remain open to build new units
RV Dealers are open but sales and service are by appointment only
Private Campgrounds have been deemed to be an “Essential Service” accommodating “Canadian Snowbirds” and Seasonal Campers who do not have a permanent residence while maintaining Provincial Health Guidelines.

Alberta declared a Health Emergency on March 17th. Businesses not mandated to close must follow Alberta Health Guidelines on social distancing and workplace safety.

As of today (May 1, 2020):

Manufacturers & Suppliers can remain open at their discretion
RV Dealers remain open for Sales, Service & Parts at their discretion
Effective May 4th- Private and municipal campgrounds and parks can open with physical distancing restrictions, under their own local authority.

Manufacturers & Suppliers are open/closed at their discretion.

As of today (May 1, 2020):

RV Dealers are allowed to open on May 19th
Private Campgrounds – Starting June 1, long-term seasonal, overnight stay and limited-term campers will be allowed under the following conditions until the public health order is amended.

The Manitoba government declared a province-wide state of emergency under The Emergency Measures Act on March 20, 2020.

As of today (May 1, 2020):

Manufacturers & Suppliers are able to open fully May 4th.
RV Dealers will be able to open fully on May 4th.
Private Campgrounds – Effective May 4, Parks, Campgrounds, yurts and vacation cabins may open if people maintain a distance of at least two metres, except for brief exchanges.

The Ontario government ordered non-essential businesses closed on April 4, 2020 and have mandated social distancing until May 11th.

As of today (May 1, 2020): 

Manufacturers & Suppliers open/closed at their discretion
RV Dealers may remain open for Service only at their discretion. Sales are allowed online only.
Private Campgrounds: On April 16, 2020, the government amended the order specifying essential businesses that are permitted to be open during this emergency to include a limited form of accommodation in seasonal campgrounds.

As of May 1st, Seasonal campgrounds may remain open only to accommodate residents with no other Canadian residence.

The Province of Quebec declared a Health Emergency on March 13th. This order has been extended until May 4th.

As of today (May 1, 2020): 

RV Manufacturers & Suppliers are closed
RV Dealers are not deemed to be an essential service and are closed.
Private Campgrounds: Effective March 28, the Quebec government announced the closure of all tourist accommodation facilities until further notice.

Exceptions to this rule are two types of accommodation: some campgrounds hosting snowbirds with no other accommodation options and adequate sanitary facilities, as well as hotels.

Thus Private Campgrounds can continue their operations, being designated as essential services for clients in need in accommodation within public health guidelines.

The Province announced on April 28th that Tourism businesses including Private Campgrounds are not included in their next business reopening Phase. We are hopeful that Camping Quebec Private Campgrounds will be able to reopen later in May or by June 1st.

A State of Emergency was declared in New Brunswick on March 19, 2020.

As of today (May 1, 2020): 

RV Dealers are allowed to remain open for Service. Sales are allowed by appointment only

In an announcement on April 24th, Private Campgrounds will be allowed to open on or before May 24th depending on numbers of infection in the Province.

A State of Emergency was declared in Nova Scotia under the Emergency Management Act on March 22nd and extended to April 19th.

RV Dealers are allowed to remain open for Service. Sales are allowed by appointment only

Private Campgrounds: In an announcement May 1st, Nova Scotia’s Provincial and Private Campgrounds are to remain closed, however they are allowed to perform the necessary maintenance and preparations for opening. An exception is in place for recreational vehicles parked year-round at Private Campgrounds which can be used as long as they follow the same rules and guidance as cottages.

A Self Distancing Order and closure of all non-essential services was declared March 23rd in PEI and extended to May 11th.

As of today (May 1, 2020):

RV Dealers are allowed to remain open for Service only. Sales are allowed by appointment only.

In Phase Three of four distinct phases that will be implemented with a progressive lifting of public health measures on individuals, communities and organizations over three-week periods.

Private Campgrounds – Phase III- Potential Start June 12, 2020

Accommodations permitted to re-open for PEI residents only:

  • campgrounds
  • hospitality homes
  • inns
  • bed and breakfasts

Occupancy guidelines for accommodations are forthcoming following consultation with industry.

On March 18, 2020, the Minister of Health and Community Services declared COVID-19 a public health emergency under the Public Health Protection and Promotion Act.

RV Dealers are allowed to remain open for Service. Sales are allowed by appointment only

Private Campgrounds: In an announcement made on April 30th, Newfoundland’s Premier outlined a schedule to re-open businesses. In a 5 Level approach, the Province gave a list of industries that are allowed to open at each level.

Currently at Alert Level 5, Private Campgrounds are scheduled to open in Level Alert 3 for day use only and in Alert Level 2 for overnight accommodation which would be at July 1st at best.

Members of the Canadian RV associations have sent a letter to the Premier of Newfoundland to reconsider his schedule.

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