We are subscribers to RV Lifestyle magazine and we were wondering if you had any good tips for removing snow from the roof of our Heartland M-21 travel trailer.

We are planning on leaving Ottawa in a few days to go down South and we are unsure as to whether we should try to remove the snow and ice prior to travel or let it come off once underway (this seems a bit dangerous). If you have any advice you could provide us with it would be greatly appreciated.

Terri Miller
Ottawa, ON

Taking the snow off the top of an RV can be hazardous as the roof will be slippery and you might damage the lumidome vents for the ceiling. You might get to the snow using a step ladder, but do not lay an extension ladder against the side of your RV as it can damage the siding.

The rules for transport trucks state that they are expected to remove the snow before travelling and this applies to RVs as well.

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