Keep Your Dog Safe with This New Product!

Never be anxious taking your dog’s camping with you again! The Large Dog Evacuation & Emergency Saddle Bag from Ready America is ready to make sure your dog is as safe as can be while out on the road or camping. The saddle bag comes equipped with a large amount of survival items for your pet, including a bowl, waste bags, antibiotic ointment, and dog food.

The saddle bag has enough supplies to last 3 days and will drastically improve your dog’s safety while away from home. Ease your mind when camping with your pet dog, and never have worry about your pet’s safety again with the Large Dog Evacuation & Emergency Saddle Bag, which can be found on the Ready America website at

Portable Campfire

Take a campfire anywhere you travel with the Camco MFG Portable Campfire. The portable campfire is small enough to fit in virtually every RV on the market, and provides a mess and ash free alternative to in-ground campfires.

The portable campfire provides a very realistic log as well, and with a tray diameter of 11-1/4” and a propane hose of 8’, taking up space will never be an issue. With a sturdy lid and security latches, the portable campfire is also a safe alternative to the in-ground campfire.

The Camco MFG Portable Campfire can be found on the Camco website at

Griddle and Grill with Blackstone

With summer in full swing, it is only right to break out the barbecue. Luckily, Blackstone recently released the Tailgater Combo (Griddle + Grill), an all-in-one cooking device that can cook a variety of food, from fish, to burgers, and anything in between. The griddle allows for quick searing of bacon and eggs, while the grill boasts 35,000 BTUs of firepower.

With both a grill and griddle attached to one another, the Tailgater Combo (Griddle + Grill) is an absolute must purchase for any RVer looking for a nice summer cookout with the family. The product can be found on the Blackstone website at

Solar Powered Cooler

Cool off with the Furrion eRove™ Electric Cooler, a battery powered, solar charging cooler that’s poised to assist any RV enthusiasts camping experience. With 50Qt of space, the cooler is able to fit up to 72 cans inside, and also sports 6Qt of dry storage. The cooler comes with an ePod Power station and a 100-watt solar panel, providing a rechargeable battery for the cooler. Along with this versatility, the cooler also provides detachable cup and umbrella holders.

The cooler is equipped with an optimized cooling system and is also capable of freezing -22 degrees Celsius, keeping all beverages and food cold for extended periods of time. For more information on the Furrion eRove™ Electric Cooler, visit the Furrion website at

Lippert Furniture Line

Lippert has recently released the Thomas Payne RV Furniture Line, a new rollout of RV furniture ready to introduce comfort to any RV enthusiasts camping adventures. The collection is built specifically for RVs, with each piece of furniture designed with craftsmanship, comfort, and quality. The line has been upgraded to include new color options and reimagined, intelligently designed Seismic Series theater seating that includes high-tech accessories, desks, and furniture add-ons, among many other quality of life improvements.

For any RVer looking to switch out their old RV furniture, the Thomas Payne RV Furniture Line is a must purchase. The entire collection can be found on the Thomas Payne Collection page at

Inflatable Lounger

Take a much-needed brake with the Paradise Lounger with Canopy 2P by WOW Water Sports. This inflatable lounger is designed with ULTRA SOFT fabric to provide maximum comfort for up to two people. Sporting a tropical design, the lounger has an adjustable mesh canopy, as well as a side grommet allowing multiple loungers to attach to one another.

With a one-year warranty included, the Paradise Lounger with Canopy 2P by Water Sports is here to improve your quality of life and provide an added feeling of relaxation when camping out on the water. You can purchase the lounger on the WOW Water Sports website, at

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