My wife and I are considering an extended RV trip to Europe. We would probably take advantage of the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ provision by OHIP to stay as long as possible. We would appreciate any details you can provide for renting, buying and reselling an RV. We’d like to know about camping clubs as well. We’ve used Church’s Camping in Mexico to plan several trips there. Is there a similar book on camping in Europe?

David Magee

I recently spoke with a couple from Ontario who purchased an RV in Australia for an extended tour of New Zealand. They informed me that after a six month trip, they sold the RV back to the dealer for almost the same price they paid for it. Some of our readers have purchased a used motorhome in England or Europe and negotiated with the dealer to sell it for them after their trip was completed. For rental agencies in England, visit country.cfm?country=England. You’ll need to obtain a Camping Carnet from FCRV, Camping Quebec, or Camping and Caravanning in England, as most of the campgrounds in England and Europe are owned by clubs.

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