For the RV owner who has a vehicle pre-wired for a washer-dryer, or if you have the space for a stand-alone combo, Pinnacle has the perfect solution for your RV laundry requirements.

The Pinnacle Super Combo EZ 4000 is a washing machine and a dryer in one unit.

The Super Combo is very small compared to a normal washer. Measuring only 22 inches deep, it can fit any motor home or travel trailer.

The Super Combo works without the need for traditional laundry hook-ups. It offers the choice of optional venting or condensing, uses very little water, very little electricity, and puts out a very small amount of waste. The unit not only meets today’s federally mandated energy standards, it is also compliant with the much stricter 2018 standards. That means, in 5 years, it will still be in the same green league as brand new units.

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