The Giraffe G4 is a low-clearance collision avoidance system that has an external water and weather proof sensor that can be mounted on the top of your RV, and an in-vehicle programmable readout. Powered by your 12-volt system, the sensor uses a radar signal to warn you when you are approaching a low bridge or obstacle. With a signal that refreshes several times a second, you just stop near the overhead obstacle, and the Giraffe G4 lets you know if there is sufficient clearance to avoid damage to your rig.

The Giraffe G4 is a very affordable way to avoid damaging your RV. Take a look at the website at and click on the videos – then hit the “shop” button to find a dealer in your area.

Giraffe G4 – it’s a great way to keep your RV safe from low over-head obstructions!

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