Exploring the north of the four western provinces…
A Special feature from our friends at Northern Woods & Water Highway

The Northern Woods & Water Highway is the farthest north that people can travel across western Canada on pavement. Officially running between Winnipeg, MB, and Dawson Creek, BC, with a connector to the lower mainland, the idea was conceived in the mid 1970s, when a retired fellow got a group of people together and took them on a cavalcade from Dawson Creek to Winnipeg, stopping at various communities along the way, and talking about this great way to see the north. Eventually, they formed an association, and lobbied the three prairie provinces to recognize and sign the highway.


If you think of the prairies as flat agricultural land, then you obviously have not been in the northern regions. You will experience a whole different view of western Canada on a road trip along this highway. The highway travels along the treeline and traverses territory with an abundance of lakes, rivers and streams. There is a wealth of history, wildlife, water fowl, great fishing, camping, and golf to be enjoyed.

This is an exploration of rural Canada with 6 small cities, 32 towns and 48 villages along the way. Venture off the beaten path and find campsites, golf courses, and water recreation. No reservations are required for most of the campgrounds. For a listing of campgrounds, please follow this link: https://nwwr.ca/activities/

For those unsure or nervous about exploring new sights, the Association is launching Guided RV Tours that will arrange nightly camping and a dinner. A leisurely pace of 200-250 km per day allows ample time to explore at your leisure. Unique experiences include a steam train ride, horseback and wagon ride with a chance to get close to free roaming wood bison, chainsaw carving, hydro dams, historic towns and places, jet boat rides and picnics on the shore, as well as ever-changing scenery.

Plan your next road trip to experience roads less travelled. To learn more about the Northern Woods & Water Highway please start your visit at www.nwwr.ca

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