Pop-Up Fire Pit

This is a reinventing of the traditional fire pit.  No more rusty ring on the ground of your campsite, or large and cumbersome pit in your back yard.  Now, no matter where the RV roads to adventure take you, you can take a fire pit along for the ride.  The Pop-Up Pit is manufactured by the same company as the Campfire Defender, Fireside Outdoor. Set up is easy, taking only 60 seconds, and the company says the unit cools down in 90 seconds, making tear down a quick process as well.  When unfolded, the pit measures 24” x 24” x 15” and weighs less than 8 lbs. When folded up, the Pop-Up Fire Pit is smaller than a camping chair, measuring only 5” x 5” x 27” and storing neatly in its own carrying bag.  Aerospace inspired design means the fire pit is entirely rust-proof.  It is also designed for maximum airflow, letting your flames burn bright while producing less smoke than a traditional pit.

For more information, visit https://firesideoutdoor.com/products/popup-pit

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