Lead photo – Truma Aventa Air Conditioner – rooftop view

Elkhart, IN – September 14, 2022 – Updated October 1, 2022

Truma has some very exciting news for RV owners – the low-profile, ultra-quiet Truma Aventa roof air conditioner, previously only available to RV manufacturers, is now available for aftermarket purchase. RV owners wishing to replace their existing non-ducted rooftop air conditioner with the Truma Aventa will now have that opportunity.

Truma Aventa – RV interior view

“The number one question we’ve received since bringing the Aventa stateside has been, ‘When can I buy it for my RV?’ There is a demand from end users for a quieter, more efficient air conditioner, and we are very excited to begin offering that upgrade option,” said Chief Operating Officer Mark Howlett.

Truma is offering the installation service free of charge through Truma Service Technicians now through the end of March. RV owners will need to complete a survey with details about their coach, including photographs and measurements, for Truma personnel to review to determine if their RV is compatible with the Truma Aventa.

Truma is currently scheduling installation appointments at select Truma service locations with plans to expand this service offering in 2023. To receive your application and installation coupon, visit https://go.truma.net/truma-aventa/installation.

About Truma

Truma is a premium solutions partner to the outdoor recreation community. Truma started doing business in North America in 2013, establishing its headquarters in Elkhart, IN. Backed by over 70 years of German engineering, Truma has a long history of providing quality solutions to the global outdoor recreation market. Truma provides “Simply Better” world-class systems designed and tested specifically for outdoor adventures and the diverse terrains unique to North America. Truma distinguishes itself by its high-quality products, exemplary customer service, knowledgeable technicians, and customer-first philosophy.

For more information about Truma and its products, visit www.truma.net or email info@trumacorp.com.

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