I am planning to leave my fifth wheel at an RV Park in Florida for approximately six months in the summer (April to October).

I have heard the humidity in Florida can be a problem during this period. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for remedying this problem. While my fifth wheel will be on site, it will not be connected to electricity. Thanks in advance.

Gib O’Connor,
Ottawa, ON

Nice to hear from you Gib.

I had a sample of a “Dri-It” humidity absorber sent to me for a test. The phone number on the package is 1-800-966-1793 www.dri-it.com . I have several friends who own double-wide trailers in Florida and they always comment about the humidity in the summer.

They even have a neighbor go in once a month and flush the toilet to prevent mold growth on the toilet bowl. Over the summer when you are not using the toilet, the water in the bowl can evaporate, allowing mold to grow.

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