Here’s a selection of 12 Cool Accessories for your RV lifestyle!

Towing Scale

The CURT Betterweigh Mobile Towing Scale is a new and improved portable scale. Measuring in real time, the scale gives extremely accurate measurements when it comes to changes in velocity and pitch of your vehicle.

The Mobile Towing Scale has a very simple and easy setup, and uses Bluetooth to give RV enthusiasts peace of mind and convenience through the use of the BetterWeigh App. With zero installation requirements needed, the scale provides a modernized way to calculate the weight of your vehicle.

For more information regarding the CURT Betterweigh Mobile Towing Scale, visit the CURT website:

Bluetooth Lock System

Ditch your bulky metal locks on your vehicle for the new Bauer NE Bluetooth Lock System. Operating off of a touch screen, the lock allows users to lock and unlock the entrance of their vehicle without having to use a key.

The Bauer NE Bluetooth Lock System keeps the locks deadbolt in place, and automatically keeps track of the systems battery life, giving real time notifications to the user. The lock system is able to connect to both Apple and Android products. If worst comes to worst, the lock system also provides a key for manual use if the lock system runs out of power.

With a sleek and modern look, the Bauer NE Bluetooth Lock System is eliminating the use of weighty lock systems. Bauer has extensive information on the lock system through instructional videos that can be found on the Bauer website:

Tire Monitoring System

The Lippert Tire Monitoring System provides a nifty way to view tire pressure. The monitoring system allows RV enthusiasts to view tire pressure right from their phones, giving updates on tire pressure and temperature constantly.

Being able to spare RV enthusiasts the hassle of keeping track of their tires manually, the Lippert Tire Monitoring System can keep track of up to 20 tires simultaneously. The Lippert Tire Monitoring System also boasts a toolbox free setup, providing anyone and everyone the ability to set up the device. The system is compatible with trailers, RV’s, towed vehicles, and many other types of vehicle, providing assistance to almost anyone.

Details on the Lippert Tire Monitoring System can be found at:

Camp Casual Mug

In need of a break from the action of camping and driving your RV? Take a break with the Camp Casual Into the Woods Mug. The 15.5 oz ceramic mug is extremely durable, giving you a dependable and aesthetically pleasing mug to bring with you on various trips out in your RV.

The mug is FDA approved, and is both dishwasher and microwave safe. For anyone looking to add a beautiful mug to their RV’s kitchen ware, hop on the Camp Casual Website at:


ICON Direct has recently created a new replacement skylight for RV owners everywhere. The ICON Direct Winnebago Replacement Skylight. The skylight is compatible with almost every Winnebago RV on the market. As a skylight becomes old, you can avoid the downtrodden look of a debris and bacteria ridden skylight by replacing it with the sleek, modern look of the Direct Winnebago Replacement Skylight.

The skylight was created with polycarbonate, allowing ICON to create a replacement skylight that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also can withstand the test of time. The dimensions of the skylight are 28-1/2” x 27” x5”.

With the Direct Winnebago Replacement Skylight being the first of many new replacement skylights to be released by ICON, the future looks bright for those looking to swap out old skylights. ICON’s website has a variety of products including the replacement skylight that can be found at:

Brake Controller

The Husky Brake Controller is a proportional brake controller that mirrors the brake control of RV’s. The setup of the controller is very simple, and provides information on the sensitivity and power level of the device digitally.

The Husky Brake Controller has high sensitivity and has 5 present options for on-the-fly adjustments to a vehicle’s brakes. The power scale of the device gauges power from 5-99 and comes equipped with an accelerometer that automatically has the ability to activate brakes instantly.

View the product at the Husky website at:

Trailer Camera

Hopkins Towing Solutions has released the vueSMART Trailer Camera, a simple and easy way for RV owners to see what is behind them at all times when on the road. The camera uses a simple DIY setup utilizing your RV or Trailers existing light, without the need of any rewiring during the process.

The camera comes with a universal mounting bracket, allowing any model of trailer and RV the ability to utilize the camera. With a range of 152 degrees and LED lights constantly providing clear sight, the camera is a must purchase for RV owners wanting to be more aware of their surroundings. The camera can be accessed through Hopkins Towing Solutions Mobile App.

To learn more about the vueSMART Trailer Camera and even get a set up manual, go to the product page at:

Slide Topper

Protect your RV from damage with the Solera Slide Toppers by Lippert. Created with 13.5” vinyl and ranging from 66” to 192” in length, the awning is compatible with almost any RV on the market. The Solera Slide Toppers block out water, dirt, leaves, and a swathe of other debris which can cause damage to your RV.

The awning is very durable and can withstand harsh weather, with the slide toppers being able to withstand temperatures as low as -31 degrees Celsius. The awning comes at an affordable price and includes an awning rail and all mounting brackets.

For more information visit the Lippert website with an entire webpage dedicated to the Solera Slide Toppers:

Solar Kit

Go Power! has recently released the Duralite Portable Solar Kit, an extremely lightweight solar kit that that can be taken anywhere when camping or on the go. The Duralite Solar Kit was specifically made for RV’s and Trailers, and with the kit weighing only nine lbs., the device can be stored in vehicles with next to no storage.

The Duralite Portable Solar Kit is 100 watts, but can be upgraded up to 300 watts. The kit comes with a kickstand and folding legs that can be adjusted, while also providing a 30-amp charge controller within the starter kit.

Utilizing solar energy when camping has never been easier with the Duralite Portable Solar Kit, which can be found at:

Camping Fuel Gauge

Bernzomatic has introduced a new product that will take the guesswork out of your camping stove fuel supply. The Bernzomatic Fuel Gauge is a compact digital scale that clips on to the portable propane tanks used with tabletop grills, portable heaters, lanterns, mosquito foggers and other propane-powered appliances. Just disconnect the propane cylinder, clip on the Fuel Gauge, press the “on” button, and use the Fuel Gauge to lift the cylinder… a digital readout will show you how much fuel is left in the tank.

The Fuel Gauge operates on two CR2032 batteries, which are included. This digital fuel gauge is compatible with any non-refillable fuel cylinder with CGA600 connection, including 14 oz Bernzomatic Propane fuel, 16 oz Bernzomatic Propane Camping Gas and 14 oz Bernzomatic MAP-Pro® fuel.

For more information please visit:

Tank Gauge

The Topargee Flush Mount H2F-FM Water Tank Gauge is designed to provide a superior appearance to more closely match the other displays in new RVs, Caravans and Boats.

With an LCD Polarised Display it is designed to be visible when viewed from horizontal and below and is extremely clear in any lighting condition.

The senders and electronics are compatible with the majority of RV, Caravan & Marine water pumps and will even work with gravity fed systems.

Installation is very simple. The sender is fitted to the hose line and there is nothing fitted to the tank. This solves the problem of having to remove the tank, drill holes, remove filings, seal sender holes, ongoing cleaning/maintenance, etc.

Ideal if you have multiple tanks or add more tanks at any stage you can simply change the programmed amount to suit your new capacity.

The Topargee Flush Mount Water Gauge is a MUST for those loving adventures in the backwoods, free camping and boondocking as you will always know how much water is in your tank and you can plan your adventure more accurately.

Click here to purchase the Topargee water tank gauge packages or accessories.

To view the full Installation Guide, please click HERE

For more information, please visit:

Tongue Jack

The Lippert Power Stance Tongue Jack is making sure that no extra effort is needed when lifting and lowering your RV or trailer. The jack is very easy to set up, and can operate without the usage of a hand crank, allowing RV enthusiasts to focus much more on their camping and outings without having to manually crank the tongue jack.

The Lippert Power Stance Tongue Jack can lift up to 3,500 lbs. and comes with space inside the jack to store auxiliary cords, creating not just an easier way to lift your vehicle, but a nifty way to store large cords.

For more information on the Lippert Power Stance Tongue Jack, and other Lippert RV levelling and stabilization products, please visit the website at:

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