10 Top Father’s Day Gifts – from an RV perspective…

Here’s a selection of cool RV appropriate Father’s Day gifts that I would be delighted to receive… and I am sure the father in your life would agree with my selection.

Car Generator

Jonathan Schloo, from Toronto, Canada, invented the ideal solution for supplying power for your RV, your cottage, or your home.

This line of all-weather inverters uses your car’s engine to provide electricity in a pinch – you could say that it transforms the car engine into a generator!

CarGenerator is essentially a high-quality, patented pure sine wave inverter–the only inverter you can buy that’s safely enclosed in a weatherproof housing.

The magic of CarGenerator is the patented, custom-engineered weatherproof housing and a turn-key, ready-to-go solution you can pull out anytime, day or night, and in any weather conditions. CarGenerator gives you the AC power you need and charges your DC RV trailer batteries at the same time.

Several models of the CarGenerator are available, in a range of sizes and output – they share these features:

  • Pure Sine wave commercial grade inverter, 60 Hz, less than 3% THD
  • High efficiency power conversion >90% efficient.
  • Runtime with standard vehicle: 50-80 hours continuous
  • Low harmonic distortion and no static or humming noise
  • Can safely run tools, air pumps, small motors, furnace blower motors, refrigerators that a cheaper modified sine wave inverter cannot
  • Weatherproof yet fully ventilated and patented housing, Rainproof, Snow, Ice Integrated high temperature engine-safe jumper-style cables, length 7ft TPE cable jacket for extra heat resistance and oil grease etc.
  • Jumper cables professionally manufactured in USA solid strand pure copper cables over-engineered to carry full current safely

Manufactured in Canada, these top-quality devices offer a compact and affordable alternative to a portable generator – but they run cleaner, longer, and more efficiently than a conventional generator costing many times as much, thanks to the use of your car as the source of energy, rather than a less efficient generator motor.

Check out the YouTube video:


Visit the website at https://offer.cargenerator.com/rvlifemag/ to learn more, and order one of these for your Dad… or for yourself!

Portable Campfire

Take a campfire anywhere you travel with the Camco MFG Portable Campfire. The portable campfire is small enough to fit in virtually every RV on the market, and provides a mess and ash free alternative to in-ground campfires.

The portable campfire provides a very realistic log as well, and with a tray diameter of 11-1/4” and a propane hose of 8’, taking up space will never be an issue. With a sturdy lid and security latches, the portable campfire is also a safe alternative to the in-ground campfire.

The Camco MFG Portable Campfire can be found on the Camco website at https://camcooutdoors.com/olympian-campfire-big-red/

Solar Powered Cooler

Cool off with the Furrion eRove™ Electric Cooler, a battery powered, solar charging cooler that’s poised to assist any RV enthusiasts camping experience. With 50Qt of space, the cooler is able to fit up to 72 cans inside, and also sports 6Qt of dry storage. The cooler comes with an ePod Power station and a 100-watt solar panel, providing a rechargeable battery for the cooler. Along with this versatility, the cooler also provides detachable cup and umbrella holders.

The cooler is equipped with an optimized cooling system and is also capable of freezing -22 degrees Celsius, keeping all beverages and food cold for extended periods of time. For more information on the Furrion eRove™ Electric Cooler, visit the Furrion website at  https://furrion.com/products/furrion-erove.

Rock On Dad!

GCI Outdoor has released yet another extremely comfortable rocking chair with the all-new SunShade Rocker. The SunShade rocker comes equipped with a beautiful sunshade, that will block any unwanted rays of sunlight with ease, while still maintaining a very high level of quality and comfort. The rocker comes with spring action technology, allowing for a very smooth rocking motion while seated, as well as a phone pocket and large carrying bag. The rocker is a simple but effective way to enjoy relaxing outdoors while camping, and with the large sunshade attached to the top of the rocker, while eliminate any annoyances one would have.

For more information regarding the lovely SunShade Rocker, visit the GCI outdoor website at https://www.gcioutdoor.com/shade-rockers/sunshade-rocker/

Towing Scale

The CURT Betterweigh Mobile Towing Scale is a new and improved portable scale. Measuring in real time, the scale gives extremely accurate measurements when it comes to changes in velocity and pitch of your vehicle.

The Mobile Towing Scale has a very simple and easy setup, and uses Bluetooth to give RV enthusiasts peace of mind and convenience through the use of the BetterWeigh App. With zero installation requirements needed, the scale provides a modernized way to calculate the weight of your vehicle.

For more information regarding the CURT Betterweigh Mobile Towing Scale, visit the CURT website: https://www.curtmfg.com/betterweigh

Trailer Camera

Hopkins Towing Solutions has released the vueSMART Trailer Camera, a simple and easy way for RV owners to see what is behind them at all times when on the road. The camera uses a simple DIY setup utilizing your RV or Trailers existing light, without the need of any rewiring during the process.

The camera comes with a universal mounting bracket, allowing any model of trailer and RV the ability to utilize the camera. With a range of 152 degrees and LED lights constantly providing clear sight, the camera is a must purchase for RV owners wanting to be more aware of their surroundings. The camera can be accessed through Hopkins Towing Solutions Mobile App.

To learn more about the vueSMART Trailer Camera and even get a set up manual, go to the product page at:https://hopkinstowingsolutions.com/?t=products/towing-cameras/50050

Camping Fuel Gauge

Bernzomatic has introduced a new product that will take the guesswork out of your camping stove fuel supply. The Bernzomatic Fuel Gauge is a compact digital scale that clips on to the portable propane tanks used with tabletop grills, portable heaters, lanterns, mosquito foggers and other propane-powered appliances. Just disconnect the propane cylinder, clip on the Fuel Gauge, press the “on” button, and use the Fuel Gauge to lift the cylinder… a digital readout will show you how much fuel is left in the tank.

The Fuel Gauge operates on two CR2032 batteries, which are included. This digital fuel gauge is compatible with any non-refillable fuel cylinder with CGA600 connection, including 14 oz Bernzomatic Propane fuel, 16 oz Bernzomatic Propane Camping Gas and 14 oz Bernzomatic MAP-Pro® fuel.

For more information please visit: www.bernzomatic.com/Products/Accessories/423678

Jack it Up!

Barker VIP Jacks offer value and performance. The VIP 3000 and VIP 3500 Power Jacks feature 3,000 or 3,500-pound lifting capacity, night-light technology to assist when hitching in the dark, attached foot pads, and emergency crank-thru heads; plus, the 10-gauge hook-up meets RVIA standards. The Deluxe Hi-Power 3500 is a ‘jacked up’ version of the VIP 3500 with bonuses such as a precision ball screw and brake with limit switch shutoff and a 25% less amperage draw.

Available at RV dealers across Canada. For more information visit Barker Manufacturing at: https://www.barkermfg.com

Kuma Lazy Bear Heated Seat

The Kuma Heated Lazy Bear Chair, constructed with durable ribbed 600D polyester and complete with padded back and arm rests, features an ADDHEAT Control System with three settings. The battery operated heating system, located in the seat of the chair, is designed to keep the body warm, no matter the weather. There’s even an insulated beverage holder and phone pocket. Available in three colour/design options and includes carry bag. The 3/4” black tube frame has stabilizer feet and the chair is rated for 350lbs. Seat area: 21″W x 21″D x 16″H.

Truma Cooler Portable Fridge/Freezer

The Truma Cooler portable fridge/freezer is designed to keep food and drinks ice cold or frozen and is suitable for your RV or any backwoods adventure. The electric Truma Cooler can be used as a refrigerator or freezer. It comes in three series: the Weekender, the Traveler and the Adventurer, and there are seven sizes available including two models with dual zones allowing the use of a side-by-side fridge/freezer. It has space-saving handles that lay flush against both ends of the unit as well as two bottle openers on each side; reversible lids are available on coolers 60 L and larger. The smart Truma Cooler can be controlled by the intuitive digital display or with a Bluetooth App and has individually adjustable temperature zones on the dual-zone models. The quiet compressor cools the unit down to -8°F (-22° C). There is no worry in powering the cooler using your RV or car thanks to a 3-stage discharge protection for the vehicle battery, and there is a LED light inside.

The Truma Cooler received the 2020 Vesta Award from Hearth & Home magazine in the outdoor room equipment category based on various criteria, including general design, construction, customer advantages, technology, and whether it advances the industry.

It was also given a European Innovation Award. The prize, awarded by DoldeMedien Verlag and the editors of 17 European RV magazines, recognized the portable fridges/freezer as the 2021 top innovative product in the camping accessories category.

Available through your local RV dealer. For more information on the Truma Cooler please visit www.trumacoolers.com 

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